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502 Bad Gateway Error

One of the most familiar error in WordPress is the 502 Bad Gateway WordPress error that you may experience every now and then. Error 502 is a HTTP error that commonly originates from web server. It implies that when you attempted to get to a website, it sent a notification to the server the website is facilitated on, and it returned with an invalid reply or, a server attempted to contact another server and again got an invalid reply from it.

The above said is the basic reason for the 502 Error however there might be different reasons you may see. We should dig in and get familiar with 502 errors and discuss fixes for them.

Types of 502 Error

The 502 Bad Gateway error is actually called a 502 Error. The text content that goes with this error changes depending on different types of coding on the website. A ton of websites serve their very own custom messages for HTTP errors and they may decide to do the same for the 502 Error. Some have inventive error messages like 404 Error – Page not found.

502 error may appear along with below-mentioned messages:

  • HTTP Error 502 – Bad Gateway
  • Temporary Error (502)
  • 502 Error – Service Temporarily Overloaded
  • 502 Server Error: Your request could not be completed as the server encountered a temporary error
  • 502 Proxy Error
  • 502 Error Bad Gateway: An invalid response from an upstream server is received by the proxy server

All these 502 errors are the same and have many similar original reasons.

502 Bad Gateway Error Causes

Following are the core reasons 502 Bad Gateway error occur:

  • The server on which website is hosted is inaccessible or can’t be reached
  • The server stopped responding or unable to respond to all requests due to heavy traffic
  • The Server is under DDOS attack
  • The server taking a too long time to respond to the request from the browser or the request timed out
  • Domain Name could not be resolved

502 Bad Gateway Fixing Error

502 error is a server-side issue. This means there are few points on which the end-user can work to get rid of this issue.  You can try the following steps to resolve 502 Error if your website is consistently showing this error:

  • Press F5 key from keyboard to refresh the webpage showing error
  • Open the website on a different browser to check any browser issue or also check if anyone else is facing same error while accessing the website.
  • Clear the cookies and browser cache and then restart the browser.
  •  Check by using a changed DNS service, for example, Google DNS
  • Restart your computer and restart your router. Check if the Error persists
  • Reset your browser and open the website in browser safe mode
  • Check back a little later. The site might be down for maintenance or scheduled maintenance might have taken longer or gone bad
  • You can contact your ISP. If your computer, network, and browser are perfectly working and the website still reports 502 Bad Gateway (ensuring everyone else is able to access the website) issue may be triggered due to internet network and ISP might be responsible for.
  • Directly fix any type of error issue at WordPress customer service number.